Annual Pace Land Use Law Center Conference – December 8th

The Land Use Law Center is pleased to announce the 21st annual Alfred B. DelBello Land Use and Sustainable Development Conference. Scheduled for December 8, 2022, this year’s conference theme is Land Use Under Siege: Revisiting Well Grounded.

Founder’s Award Reception will be held on Wednesday, December 7, 2022. Join us for a pre-conference reception and networking event at Haub Law School at Pace University, Tudor Room, 78 North Broadway, White Plain, NY, as we honor this year’s Founder’s Award Recipient, John R. Nolon.

Twenty years ago, land use was well grounded. Local leaders were able to make steady progress to further environmental protection, sustainable development and the revitalization of cities and urban villages. Through optimistic guides to problem solving, using innovative land use laws, Professor John Nolon championed these efforts. Since then, localities have been challenged to address fair housing, a pandemic, shocking revelations of our racist history, threats of preemption of local power, and the ravages of climate change. The challenges today are much greater than in 2001 when Well Grounded: Using Local Land Use Authority to Achieve Smart Growth was first published. A new approach to properly using local land use power is needed. The conference is dedicated to furthering this exploration and to the prolific body of work of Professor John Nolon.

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