Cochise County Board of Supervisors hold emergency meeting ahead of facing Hobbs in court | News

COCHISE COUNTY, Ariz. (KVOA) — Cochise County Board of Supervisors will face Secretary of State and Governor Elect Katie Hobbs in court Thursday over the county’s refusal to certify their 2022 Election results.

The lawsuit filed by Hobbs says Cochise County did not meet the deadline for certifying the ballots for the election.

The Cochise County said its Board of Supervisors held an emergency meeting at 11 am Thursday to discuss outside legal representation. The meeting agenda is available HERE.

Cochise County has been in the spotlight since Election Day, after which there were allegations, without evidence, that voting tabulation equipment was not properly certified.

Hobbs said that was not a valid reason for delaying certification and the State Elections Director denied those claims, but the county still voted to delay the canvass.

About 46,000 Cochise County votes are in question, but this delay affects more than the county.

It now puts votes in danger of being thrown out of Arizona’s final Election results and could cost Republicans a seat in the US House of Representatives.

Some Cochise County residents support Hobbs.

“I want them kicked off the board, the people that won’t certify,” said Cochise County resident Mary Ferguson.

However, others believe the decision to delay.

“Evidence that they’re gathering will explain why they’re holding it off. And then we will have fast and up to date voting procedures that will simply be completed for our benefits,” said Cochise resident Jim Garno.

We will continue to cover this hearing.

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