Homes in Erie are selling faster than anywhere else in the United States

Homes are selling faster in Erie than in any other city in America, according to a article. Of the top five cities listed where homes are selling fastest, Erie is followed in order by Traverse City, Michigan; Youngstown, Ohio; Peoria, Illinois; and Charleston, West Virginia.

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The article says the median list price for homes sold in Erie in March was $197,450. Houses in this area of ​​Pennsylvania are selling two weeks faster now than they did at this time a year ago.

In 2022, homes spent an average of 71 days on the market before they were sold. Today, it takes just 58 days. Of course, home prices in Erie are considerably lower than the national average, which was $424,000 during March.

Nanci Lorei, of Marsha Marsh Real Estate, is quoted in the article, saying, “There’s definitely a huge shortage (of homes for sale) right now.”

Thanks to Greg Rubino for sending along this interesting article.

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● A federal judge on March 30 ruled Major League Baseball must settle a suit with Minor League Baseball for $185 million. That means about 24,000 players are potentially eligible to share the money – which puts the payments in the range of $5,000 to $5,500.

Minor league players are also earning much higher salaries these days since 40 minor league teams were dropped in 2021.

I recall interviewing a player for the Erie SeaWolves years ago, when the team played at the Class A level, and he worked off-hours at a local hardware store. His wife also picked up a job as a morning waitress at an Erie restaurant. That shouldn’t happen today.

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● Erie native Steve Scully seemed surprised when former President George W. Bush approached him at the recent Patriot Award Banquet to ask about Tom Ridge. Is Ridgey here? Bush asked, according to Scully.

When Scully said the former Pennsylvania governor was home in Erie, Bush, who loves nicknames, told others in the room that Ridge was worshiped in Erie. When he spoke here in November 2021, Bush said he “landed at Tom Ridge Airport.” Then they drove past the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. “Clearly, no town is prouder of its native son than Erie,” Bush said.

● A note online about the late Dawn Wells, the actress who played Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island,” said the show’s producer went to great pains to get a substitute singer for Wells. “Dawn was a wonderful person,” Sherwood Schwartz said, “but she could not carry a tune, and we were always ready with a stand-in.”

It reminded me of a touring musical in which Wells starred at the Warner Theater in the 1980s, and her main song was clearly dubbed. Now we know why.

● Pennsylvania Democrats are breathing a sigh of relief now that US Sen. Bob Casey has announced he’ll run for a fourth term. Casey, who suffered from prostate cancer, had been quiet about seeking another term. Now, he will be hard to beat, even if Republican David McCormick enters the race.

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● A report from Cedar Point Amusement Park says the mild winter put the completion of the new Wild Mouse coaster well ahead of schedule. It will now debut in May.

I assume we have similar weather here as compared to Sandusky, Ohio, but so many construction projects in Erie seem to be barely limping along.

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● When Robert Kesicki died recently at the age of 90, he was mourned by Carmella Kesicki, his wife of 63 years, and his four children, two of whom are Catholic priests. The Rev. Michael Kesicki is a leader at Gannon University and at St. Mark’s Seminary. And the Rev. Timothy Kesicki was head of the Jesuit Conference in the US and Canada.

● It’s great news that an international distillery company plans to build a complex in Harborcreek Township. Years ago, when I was living in North East, Harborcreek was just a sleepy little bedroom township that I drove through every day. No more. The township’s leaders are doing a great job promoting this beautiful stretch of northwestern Pennsylvania.

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● Phyllis Marchinetti and a team of volunteers who attended St. Patrick Grade School are organizing a reunion of former St. Pat’s students. The event will take place July 28 at the Church of the Nativity Community Center. The volunteers are trying to reach as many of the former students as possible, so Phyllis hopes the word gets out.

● Recently retired St. Patrick Catholic Church pastor Msgr. Henry Kriegel has written a fascinating article about Charles and Annie Strong, who played a big part in Erie’s history of the early 20th century. Kriegel shared it with me and the story reads like an exciting novel. The Jefferson Educational Society would be wise to arrange to print it in an upcoming publication.

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● I was sorry to read of the death of former “Mad” magazine cartoonist Al Jaffee on April 10. Jaffee, who was 102, was about the last of the great Mad artists. He created the fold-in on the inside back cover of every issue and also penned regular features such as “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.”

“Mad” was a great magazine in its heyday.

Kevin Cuneo

Kevin Cuneo

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This article originally appeared on Erie Times-News: In Erie PA, says homes sell faster than anywhere in US

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