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As we all know, the UPSC or IAS examination is one of the toughest examinations ever and requires a lot of dedication and patience to study, understand and crack.

UPSC aspirants want to join the best IAS coaching institute to guide them through this examination phase and crack it on their first attempt. But there are tons of institutes in the market, and students often get confused while selecting the best institute.

So, in this article, we have mentioned some points to answer the question of how to choose the best IAS coaching institute.

How To Choose The Best IAS Coaching?

How to Choose the Best IAS Coaching Center?

Here we have mentioned some points that will help the candidates analyze and choose the best IAS coaching institute they will feel comfortable with.

1. Reviews from Other Students and On Websites

Before choosing any coaching center, candidates must first talk to other students who have already joined or completed the course from that institute to know the reviews.

Candidates can also check reviews from the website or Google about that coaching center and compare them with the reviews of the students who have already completed the pursued course from that institute to know the reality about that institute.

2. Availability of Both Online and Offline Classes

Before joining an institute, look for the availability of both offline and online classes. So, if any student is unavailable to attend online classes or offline classes, then they can attend online or offline classes to cover up for the missed classes.

The teaching method of faculty members in the institute should be the same in both offline and online classes, and they should always be ready to clear the doubts of their students anytime.

3. Batch Timing and Batch Strength

Always look for batch timing and batch strength of the institute you want to join.

As batch timing is very important, a candidate should know how to choose the timing they are comfortable with. As many are busy with many things like household work, working professionals, college, etc.

So, institutes must keep flexible timings for their students so that they can choose the time they are comfortable and free. And if we talk about batch strength, batch strength is also important. Less batch strength means a high concentration of teachers on the students while in ongoing lectures.

High batch strength means less concentration of teachers on all students. So, a batch in the coaching center should have less batch strength which should be a maximum of 15 students, so that teachers can concentrate on every student on ongoing lectures and clear every student’s doubts daily, which cannot happen when there is more number of students .

4. Background Or Experience Of Faculty Members

One of the main factors that can affect the preparation and study of the candidates is the background or experience and teaching style of faculty members teaching at the institute.

If teachers have years of experience, good teaching skills, and patience to teach students, then students can understand and clear their doubts with their respective teachers.

So, teachers should have experience in how to teach and deal with students, but if teachers don’t have much experience or no experience in this field, they should still have a piece of good knowledge, skills, and patience to understand and deal with the students and clear their doubts on a daily basis.

The Thought Tree (T3) has very experienced teachers who have a minimum of 10+ years of teaching experience in which many are ex-government employees who know what to prepare for the examination.

5. Demo For IAS Coaching

The IAS coaching institutes should always offer Demo sessions for the new students so that they can be well settled with the environment and should know if they are comfortable with the faculty’s teaching styles and methods members are using.

Demo sessions always give students opportunities to know whether they like the institute or not and choose to stay or leave the coaching center or go for another coaching center. So they can put their money in worth teaching and institute.

So, coaching centers should offer demo sessions to show their teaching skills and experience to their students and show them how well they can teach these students for the IAS course they are pursuing.

6. Time Duration of the Course

The candidates must be aware of the time duration in which the course will be completed. So, as per the time, students can plan their study plan. Without knowing the time duration, candidates cannot prepare a proper timetable, and we all know how much a proper timetable is important for better preparation and time management.

So, coaching centers should provide details about the time durations of all the batches they offer to the students who want to join their course.

7. Study Materials

The IAS coaching centers should always provide their study materials to their students to revise and do some preparations. As a plus point, if an institute offers an open library to read and borrow the required books from the library, then it will be an excellent offering for an institute.

So, coaching centers must provide study materials with the IAS course they offer.


So, these are some points that can help to choose which coaching center for IAS exam preparation. Candidates must first briefly analyze every institute before they opt for the ias course as these courses will decide and affect their studies and preparations and ultimately decide the result of the IAS exam.


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