LETTER: Pointing finger at licensed gun homeowners off monitor

The federal authorities needs to restore the difficulty with the ‘correct decision’ by supporting laws enforcement, says letter writer

OrilliaMatters welcome letters to the editor. The following letter is in response to a story, printed June 14, titled ‘New gun legal guidelines sparks spike in product sales at native retailer’ an present letters regarding the federal authorities’s controversial legislations.

I study the present letters regarding Bill C-21. Whereas I sympathize with those that have confronted any sort of violence, I think about sooner than anybody helps a bill they need to consider the small print. No individual ought to help any authorities legal guidelines based on a gut feeling or emotion. The federal authorities is on these sorts of reactions to realize public help.

Many Canadians merely have not taken the time to take a look on the whole historic previous of firearms and the best way they’re regulated in Canada. Firearms and their use in Canada has been set off for debate for a very very very long time.

In response to Statistics Canada’s 2020 infographic on homicides in Canada, of the 277 firearm-related homicides in Canada in 2020, 49% have been devoted with a handgun. The Canadian authorities would love us to think about they have not saved knowledge on whether or not or not the firearm used was from a licensed gun proprietor or illegally obtained.

They declare they started monitoring this data in 2021. This in itself is troubling. The federal authorities and police suppliers have maintained knowledge on handgun registration since 1934 and centralized these knowledge with the RCMP since 1951. Why can they not inform most of the people the place the weapons utilized in jail offenses bought right here from?

By registration, the police suppliers, additional significantly the RCMP, have the pliability to determine if the handgun is legally owned or whether or not it’s an illegal firearm. Personally it’s slightly straightforward. If the gun simply is not registered to a Canadian citizen then by one means or one different it bought right here into the nation illegally.

It’s easier for the Canadian authorities in cost the licensed gun proprietor. This attracts the attention away from the actual fact they have not supported the police suppliers accurately and made the required steps to protect our border from illegal firearms. They have not protected the residents of Canada. Each time there’s an incident with a firearm its splashed in all places within the data.

No individual ever asks β€œthe place did the firearm come from?” Everyone assumes it might want to have come from a licensed gun proprietor.

Mr. Trudeau claims Bill C-21 simply is not an assault on licensed gun homeowners. Who does he assume a freeze on looking for, selling, transferring a handgun will affect? The criminals? What number of people really think about a jail goes to endure the whole steps to accumulate a firearm?

The applications, teaching, testing, the kinds that have to be despatched away sooner than you can even get a license to buy a gun. Then there’s the additional course, testing and paperwork that should be despatched away for consider sooner than you can purchase a handgun.

Even after the acquisition you need to then wait as soon as extra for additional paperwork to be despatched for an additional consider and registration sooner than being allowed to take the firearm residence. All of this offers as a lot as months. What particular person goes to endure all of that, register their new firearm after which use it in towards the legislation the place it could be traced once more to them?

Please inform me the Canadian residents do probably not think about that’s what’s going on.

People not conscious of the licensed use of firearms have grown to think about each half the federal authorities tells them. For a lot of it is easier than investigating the truth. The federal authorities on this ignorance to put false fear throughout the voter. Scare the voter after which give them a easy decision with out particulars.

To put this into perspective, there are 400 people killed a 12 months in Canada texting whereas driving. Under the federal authorities’s comparable logic, should they ban cellphones? The federal authorities will proceed to elevate the penalty for distracted driving violations until it is merely not worth whereas to violate the laws. Should this comparable logic not be utilized to firearms authorized pointers?

If the penalties have been so extreme for using a firearm in a violent crime finally only some people would use one. The federal authorities needs to restore the difficulty with the correct decision. Most illegal weapons will cross the USA/Canadian Border. Assist laws enforcement and restore the difficulty. Until our authorities does this, all of us lose.

Mike Rolland


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