Realtors Around the Country are Quitting – But NOT in Houston!

Realtors around the country are quitting – but what about here? Cathy Trevino, Chairman of the Board for the Houston Association of Realtors. “We actually added nearly 16,000 members in the last 2 years. We now have a membership of over 50,000 realtors!”

However — she says she’s not surprised that Miami and Los Angeles are particularly hard hits. “Prices in the West- and East-coasts rose a lot higher and quicker than they did in Texas. Because of that we’re seeing more buyers coming to Texas!” Trevino says that the market has changed a lot in the last few months and understands why realtors in other markets could leave the field.

2017 HAR Numbers

Trevino adds: “The beginning of the year we usually see a cleaning out of agents. Some didn’t close the number of transactions they thought they would in the last year.” Case in point: Miami is losing 36% of their agents and Los Angeles is losing 27%.

Here in Houston – Trevino says their membership is at an all-time-high, having added 16 thousand members in the last 2 years.

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