Shanquella Robinson video: New details in the death of a North Carolina woman seen being beaten by a friend while in Mexico with friends

Mexican authorities are pursuing their case against an American suspected of killing her friend at a luxury resort. They’re looking to extradite the woman to face charges.

There is potential legal limbo as Mexican prosecutors seek to extradite an acquaintance of Shanquella Robinson, the woman found dead while vacationing in Mexico.

Authorities are not currently naming her, but said she is a “direct aggressor” against the 25-year old, after video online — which is too violent to show — reveals Robinson assaulted in her hotel room

“What makes this uncommon is the Mexican government asking that a US citizen be extradited,” said ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams.

Mexican authorities issued an arrest warrant for that acquaintance, who is now back in America, for the crime of “femicide,” which is the act of killing a woman based on her gender.

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“On the one hand, the US government is going to take this seriously, and on the other hand, it’s not obligated to turn it over,” Abrams said.

On October 29, local police reports state that a Baja Resort Town guest told medical staff around 2 pm that Robinson had “drunk a lot of alcohol.”

A doctor determined she was stable but dehydrated, adding Robinson’s acquaintances refused to send her to the hospital. The police report said the Charlotte native went into cardiac arrest and was declared dead by 6 pm

However, an autopsy differs from that report, stating medical officials arrived before 3 pm, quickly declaring Robinson dead from “severe spinal cord injury” and a dislocated neck.

Now, Robinson’s family wants answers.

“I’m just waiting on that day when someone can be arrested. That’s all I’m waiting on,” said Robinson’s mother, Sallamondra.

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