Beginner Michigan pilot Taylor Hash lands plane with missing wheel in emergency landing

A beginner pilot in Michigan safely landed a plane that was missing a crucial part Friday after another pilot coached her through the terrifying, caught-on-camera moment Friday.

On Taylor Hash’s third-ever solo flight, she lost the aircraft’s front nose gear

Lakewood Ranch builder plans ‘race village’ near DeSoto Speedway as county OK’s new homes

Thousands of homes are set to be built near the historic DeSoto Speedway in East Manatee County following approval from the Manatee County Commission last week.

It’s the first time the commissioners have approved a new development past the latest

Real Estate DeFi DPA Token (DPAT) Opens African Land and Property Markets to Retail Capital

Besides being a reliable store of value and easy-to-use cross-border money transfer instrument, cryptocurrencies have established themselves as new-gen investing instruments. They allow retail users with no previous experience to get exposure to attractive investing vehicles that had only been