Transition to EVs shakes up the familiar Jaguar, Land Rover luxury brands

Say goodbye to the Land Rover brand, and get ready for a smaller, much more expensive model line from Jaguar.

Jaguar will introduce an electric GT priced above $125,000, while the Land Rover name will retreat in favor of three new brands.

Those are the top-line takeaways from Jaguar Land Rover’s new strategy, as first reported by Automotive News.

The storied Land Rover brand name will reportedly be relegated to a “trust mark” badge on tailgates — perhaps elsewhere; the announcement is short on details. The Jaguar brand — so esteemed that Ford paid $2.5 billion for it in 1989 — will finally abandon efforts to become a full-line luxury brand, shifting upmarket to build fewer — one hopes more profitable — vehicles that compete with the top of Mercedes’ and BMW’s lines. Prices will start north of $125,000 and likely elevate into Rolls-Royce/Bentley territory.

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