Video Shows Ferrari Owned by Law Firm That Specializes in Car Accidents Crashing Into Wall at Car Show

Video footage shows a car crashing into a wall at a car show—and the vehicle was owned by a personal injury law firm. The Ferrari 458 belongs to the Hadi Law Firm in Houston, Texas. Witnesses saw the driver lose control of the luxury vehicle and end up smashing into an embankment on US 59 Frontage Road. Here’s how the driver lost control of the car, according to video footage of the incident.


Excitement For the Car Show

The Hadi Law Firm has previously announced it would be attending The Car Culture’s car show at Sugar Land Town Square. In an Instagram post from October 6, the firm was excited to announce its presence at the show and promised freebies to the crowd. “It’s Back!! @thecarculture’s Sugar Land Town Center event will be on this Sunday, October 9, 2022 starting at 8AM!” they captioned the post.⁣ Keep reading to learn more and see the video.


Famous Last Words

“Come out and enjoy some food and coffee from @jupiterpizzawaffleco, rent an exotic car from @eliterentacarusa, and pick up some #Free swag from @thehadilawfirm!!!⁣ Hope to see you all there,” the caption continues. The post shows a photo of the Ferrari, which is emblazoned with the law firm’s name and logo. “Going to be a good time ,” one commenter says.


Saving the Best For Last

The car show seemed to go off without a hitch until the end, which is the part where the car owners drive off in style. People were lining the street waiting to see the luxury vehicles being displayed as they left the car show. Video of the incident shows excited and waiting to see the drivers, unfortunately, that’s when the Ferrari crash happened.



The Ferrari’s driver appeared to hit the gas pedal hard while making a turn. This caused her to lose control of the car, and it ended up crashing into the embankment. The spin-out was confusing for some commenters, who wondered why the driver didn’t tap the brakes and avoid the accident.


Driver Unhurt

Luckily the driver was not hurt, thanks to the car’s airbags deploying. The lawyers might have some trouble living the incident down, if online comments are anything to go by. “Nice power slide until the countersteer. She literally couldn’t have just tapped the brake pedal and never hit lol,” one commenter said. “That was the slowest car crash I’ve seen,” said another.

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