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About the Pro Bono Club

Acknowledging this, in April 2017, the Department of Justice launched Nyaya Bandhu (Pro Bono Legal Services) Program to undertake a digital drive to connect practicing advocates interested in pro bono work with eligible marginalized and vulnerable beneficiaries via mobile technology, after due scrutiny.

About the Event

The Pro Bono Club, School of Law, Presidency University is in collaboration with the Department of Justice, Ministry of Law & Justice, New Delhi for Nyaya Bandhu, under the Pro Bono Legal Service Scheme.

Aims to throw light on the value of probono work, encouraging the other law schools to take initiatives in recognizing this step taken by the Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India and to spread legal awareness through various activities.

The event will be inaugurated by Ms Sneha Sharma, Program Manager (Nyay Bandhu) Department of Justice. The distinguished chief guest of the event is former Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court, Hon’ble Justice Lingappa Narayana Swamy.

General Rules

  • The Team should consist of, at least, four members.
  • The maximum duration of the play should be 10 minutes.
  • Multiple entries from a single institution are allowed.
  • The language of the performance should be in English.
  • The Teams should bring their own costumes and other apparel goods with them.
  • The decision of the judges will be final and binding.
  • In case of any discrepancies and irregularities, the Organizing Committee will have the authority to cancel the candidature of the team.
  • The Organizing Committee will not provide any instruments for the purpose of the Street Play Competition. Any requirement for the same will have to be necessitated by the teams, themselves.
  • The event will be held in an open space.
  • The theme for the Street Play is “LEGAL AWARENESS.”
  • The participating team can choose any topic in conformity with the topic.

Judging Criteria

  • The successful portrayal of the theme.
  • The acting part of the performance (Dialogue delivery, expressions and body language, coordination between the members).

How to Register?

The registration process will be done via Google Forms. Students are advised to fill in the registration form with the exact details.

Registration Fees:



  • Best Team: ₹4000/-
  • Most Creative Idea: ₹ 2000/-

Registration Deadline

December 21, 2022

Contact Information

In case of any queries, please contact Sanidhy – 8218191842 OR Rutushree – 7205848290

Madhvi Patidar Madhvi Patidar

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